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Waiters are all very nice and there are great deals for food/games each night so make sure to check them out! Very organized, friendly and accommodating to our large group! Our party at Perfect Games exceeded expectations. Our host was friendly and did a great job anticipating our needs - we never had to go in search of her for anything. The games were reasonably priced, making the game cards last a long time. We will definitely come back! The pizza bore was fantastic! Everyone that we came in contact with was helpful, friendly and ready to help in any way they could. Everyone was very nice and helpful. You made our field trip the best that it berry could possibly. We had a wonderful time and my son had a great 3rd birthday!

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Thank you everyone for your feedback! Sincerely, the pg staff. Great place to go with friends or in a group. Good arcade games, decent food, nice bar, and good weekday specials. Family enjoys half sale price games on Sundays. . have had several birthday parties at pg as well. First time here and we were impressed. Will visit again soon. Great place to hang out, eat food, have a few drinks and play some games.

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