To western noses it comes across as exotic. Unlike ingredients common in contemporary mens fragrances, like sandalwood, vanilla or bergamot, ouds distinctiveness and punchiness makes it the marmite of perfumery. Its so extreme, so demonstrative, so powerful and makes such a huge statement that its very un-British in a way, says Craven. Which means the oud man has to be a confident, self-assured one, says dove. Wearing a bolder scent that marks out our individuality is becoming an increasingly popular concept, though, and what better way to make a statement than to than to do it with oud? Which Oud to choose? Oud sits at the opposite end of the fragrance spectrum to light, bright citrusy scents like diors eau sauvage or Tom Fords Neroli portofino.

mens oud fragrances low down in the composition of a fragrance, meaning it lasts and lasts on the skin and it also has the ability to hold other scents in place, making it an excellent fixative. Longevity aside, part of ouds appeal in Western perfumery is its sheer otherness. Widely associated with the middle east, it simply has no equivalent in the palette of Western or European perfumers, says Craven. Its a unique smell, entirely on its own.

But the creme expense is often justified by the lengthy process it takes to produce the ingredient. The oil itself is distilled from the resinous heartwood of the Asian aquilaria tree and is exceedingly rare, explains British perfumer. Roja dove, who is famous for his own intense oud creations. Ouds story is much more complex than that, though. The distinctive smell comes when the heartwood becomes diseased with a very specific mould, leaving it dark, oily and incredibly dense, adds dove. So dense, in cosmetics fact, that if you placed it in water it wouldnt float. Its this curious birth which gives oud an added allure. Its richly symbolic, says James Craven, a perfume archivist at specialist fragrance emporium. The process that leads to its formation is one which celebrates resurrection and renewal: after all, this strange and beautiful scent is a by-product of disease, corruption and death. Hows that for a chat-up line next time someone compliments your fragrance?

mens oud fragrances

The gq, fragrance, guide: What is, oud?

Its been prized for centuries for its rich, smoky resinous and slightly animalic aroma, but in the last few years oud has dominated the fragrance world as an ingredient. Extracted from a resin formed as a reaction to mould (hows that niet for an unglamorous backstory?) its one of the rarest and most expensive components used in perfumery, often described as liquid gold. Especially popular in the middle east, where its used to scent rooms and clothes, oud has crossed over into the mainstream, with everyone from Tom Ford to commes des Garçons turning out heady scents that pull on its signature opulence. Not all luxury fragrances are created equal, however. Much of what is used in mass-market scents is synthetic, while the real deal can vary greatly in quality, reviews too. To help you recognise your oud from your oud wanna smell like that?, heres a definitive primer on the biggest trend in eau de toilettes. As with anything popular in the land of oil, oud fragrances often come with a hefty price tag.

Oud Fragrances : An Expert guide

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mens oud fragrances

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mens oud fragrances

The gq fragrance guide: What

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Mens oud fragrances
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