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Not every location is a good one for a selfie. Your kitchen, in front of a pile of last night's dishes? Not a good place for a selfie. Unless it's a particularly interesting parking lot. Oh no, please don't. You should think of a selfie like you think of the other 70 percent of photos you take (though I do hope you do devote somewhat less than 30 percent of your memory cards to images of yourself). Your selfie should be taken with the background in mind.

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Those artistic filters can help soften angular features and less-than-perfect complexions. They can also give your photo that element of cool that you can't give it by deliberately attempting to look cool when that shutter fires. Because you know there's nothing quite so uncool as trying to look cool. Which brings me to my next point: Sony dsc-p92 200 f/2.8.008 sec (1/125) 8 mm 42/365 - helga and cb (short for mask Crybaby) by Flickr user Helga weber, don't be so serious. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with taking life seriously. But you should kliniek never, ever take your selfie too seriously. You know who you are.

You gaze demurely into the camera, doe-eyed and pouty. Maybe even slightly angry. Your selfie radiates coolness, which has the possibly unexpected effect of making you look decidedly uncool. Your selfie should never make it look like you're trying too hard. It should look like you snapped that photo casually, like you were just out and about and it suddenly occurred to you to turn the camera around and grab an impromptu photo of yourself, which of course turned out to be awesome. Sony nex-c3 200 f/4.0.001 sec (1/2000) 18 mm, this photographer may be in an interesting location, but the background itself is distracting and doesn't add much to his selfie. Fortme by Flickr user Andih, stage.

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Stick your peeling neck out just a little, which will help eliminate that little bulge under your chin. There's nothing worse than a photograph taken with a built-in flash, except perhaps for a selfie taken with a built-in flash. Instead, use natural peeling light. Standing next to a window will give your selfie a soft, natural look. It will also help eliminate dark shadows, especially the ones under your eyes that will tell all your Facebook friends that you are a girl who likes to stay out way too late. Filter It, if you're using your smart phone to snap those selfies, you can do them a lot of good by applying a filter, either in Instagram or another photo editing tool such. Lo-mob or, photo.

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And yet, among people aged 18 to 24, selfies account for a whopping 30 of all the photos they take. Expo by Flickr user Daniele zedda, so it follows that the selfie should be used with caution, and never overused. And perhaps more than any other photo you plan to share on Facebook or other social media, the selfie should be something your viewer will be happy to look. Versus, "Oh god, not another selfie of that guy.". Know your good side, and your bad angles. Nikon D70 200 f/8.0.125 sec (1/8) 50 mm, the quirky self by Flickr user mbecher, we all have bad sides. The advantage to being your own photographer is that you can de-accentuate your less flattering qualities with a few tricks. To make dresscode your face look slimmer, shoot your selfie from slightly above. If you're including your torso in the shot, turn one shoulder slightly towards the camera.

Today's cameras make this process a lot easier, and the prevalence of social media makes it almost a requirement to have at least one selfie you can use to mark your online territory. So now that you know what I mean you may be thinking about all your friend's selfies on their Facebook pages and realizing what a challenging little sub-genre this actually. Because you've probably seen more bad selfies than good ones. And some of your friends may over-selfie to the point where you'd kind of like to just block them. Taking a good selfie is an art. What's more, knowing how many selfies to post and which selfies to use on what social media platform is a much higher form of art. Because selfies can be annoying line to others, they can paint you as an egomaniac and they can just plain put people off. In fact, a 2013 study by the University of Birmingham discovered that posting too many selfies on Facebook was strongly correlated with "lower levels of social support and intimacy".

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Portrait by david Peterson 17 weleda comments, if you've been living in a tent on the tundra or under a rock in your backyard, you may not have heard the term "selfie." In your defense, the term itself isn't really that old - it was coined. A selfie isn't usually a carefully composed image of the photographer in his studio, taken with a tripod mounted camera on the timer setting (though it can be). "Selfie" usually refers to an image that is much more informal that that, generally taken with a digital camera or smart phone held at arm's length, snapped on the fly and usually destined for Facebook, instagram, Twitter or some other form of social media. Now you know what a selfie is, but have you even taken a good one? top image i can't be saved by Flickr user Send me adrift. Now, i'm pretty sure everyone has taken one, even if it never left your hard drive. Now that smart phones have that great flip button that allows you to see exactly what you're going to look like in a self-taken photograph, it's hard to resist the temptation. And the selfie itself (minus its comparatively young moniker) is actually almost as old as photography. Before the advent of that little flip button photographers took selfies by cleverly positioning their cameras in a discrete (or sometimes indiscrete) location and then photographing their reflection in a mirror.

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