Other varieties include: Seborrheic Dermatitis : symptoms are similar, but skin is rarely itchy. Find out more. Contact Dermatitis : an allergic reaction to something your face comes into contact with such as make-up (though make-up may also trigger symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis on the face). Light sensitive dermatitis : when facial skin reacts to the sun. Sunlight can also be a trigger for Atopic Dermatitis, while other sufferers find that it can ease symptoms. What causes and/or triggers Atopic Dermatitis on the face? Atopic Dermatitis is a genetic disease linked to a compromised skin barrier function and an immune disorder. You can find out more.

eucerin atopic on quality of life for both sufferers and their families. Read more in, how Atopic Dermatitis affects sleep and quality of life. Atopic Dermatitis is not the only kind of Dermatitis that can affect you or your child on the face.

Many children grow out of the condition but it can persist into adulthood and some adults experience facial Atopic Dermatitis without having had it as children. Adult facial Atopic Dermatitis can appear on the scalp, forehead and cheeks, behind the ears and in the delicate area around the eyes. You can read more. Atopic Dermatitis on the scalp and, atopic Dermatitis on the eyelids. To find out more about skin on other vitamine parts of the body read. Atopic Dermatitis on different parts of the body. Symptoms differ from person to what person, from season to season, even from day to day and the disease has two distinct phases: The flare-up or acute phase when skin is at its most itchy and irritable. The calmer period between flare-ups, you can find out more about both these phases, as well as how to adapt skincare to be suitable to each phase. Understanding Atopic Dermatitis and, identifying and managing fare-ups. Babies often develop Atopic Dermatitis on their faces.

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Atopic Dermatitis (also known as list Atopic Eczema) often flares-up on reviews the face. This article explains how to recognize the symptoms, looks at the possible causes and triggers and makes suggestions about how to care for atopic skin on a daily basis and soothe and calm it during flare-ups. What are the symptoms of facial Atopic Dermatitis? The symptoms of facial Atopic Dermatitis are similar to those of Atopic Dermatitis anywhere on the body: skin is dry, red, itchy and irritable. Some people also feel stinging and/or burning sensations. Scratching the itch makes symptoms worse and skin can become damaged, infected and start to thicken. Facial Atopic Dermatitis, as with all forms of Atopic Dermatitis, is particularly common in babies and children and normally appears when they are between two and six months old. The cheeks and forehead are often affected first but Atopic Dermatitis can spread to other parts of the body as they get older. Atopic Dermatitis and babies and, atopic Dermatitis and children.

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