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recommended face masks

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Do not apply face mask around eye area and lips; these are sensitive skin areas. Leave it for 20 minutes to dry completely. Put some chilled slices of cucumber over your eyes to relax them while youre relaxing with face mask. After it is completely dry, wash it with cold water by gentle rubbing. Peel-off mask has to be peeled off without using water at first hand. Rinse the face with fresh water in case of any face pack material left over.

recommended face masks

But it is not able to absorb oil as a clay mask can. Gel masks are good for hydrating the skin. Cream face masks are, on the other hand, are the best for dry skin. They have thick consistency and have oily and cream as a base. Cream face masks nourish the dry skin cells and remove its dullness. Cream face masks are especially beneficial for the mature skins as young and greasy skin do not need. Method of Applying Face masks: to prepare a home made face mask, you just need necessary fresh ingredients, a bowl and a spoon.

Another thing you will need is wide flat brush which enables you to apply face mask. Prepare your face by tightening your hair back by scarf or hair band; there should not be any flowing hair on the face. Wear cloths which have wide neck so that you can easily apply mask over neck also. Now philosophy clean you face using mild cleanser and pat dry. Apply face mask, using brush in even strokes.

Best Face masks, the dermatology

These clay masks have fullers earth as their basic ingredient. Clay masks do not suit dry skin and sensitive skin. You can prepare orange masks, gel masks also. Gel face masks are applied over clean skin and after 15-20 minutes, it goji can be peeled off like a second skin. Face masks should be applied in upward direction, beginning from skin and remove it in same direction. It can even help to remove fine facial hairs. Gel face masks can be used for all types of skin, oily, dry and combination skin.

recommended face masks

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Ingredients used to prepare the face masks decide the frequency of its use. Face masks According to skin type: Face masks are prepared according to your skin types. If you have rimpels oily skin, face mask should have non-greasy ingredients and also they should be able to absorb the excess oil on the skin. If you have dry skin, ingredients used in face masks should be such which offer moisture to the skin. They should be able to hydrate the dry and patchy skin. For combination skins, you should use two types of face masks, one for oily portion and other for dry portion of the skin. For oily skin, clay face masks are used as they absorb the excess oil and grease.

It helps to tighten complex the skin pores and makes the skin smooth. People often get face lift in their mature ages by getting cosmetic surgery done but this is a fairly expensive and time consuming procedure. You can get the same benefits by applying face masks regularly according to your skin type. It helps to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay and also relaxes the facial muscles. Face masks help to remove dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads. You can always buy readymade facemasks but these facemasks have chemicals and preservatives which may not suit your skin. You can easily prepare face masks at home, using fresh ingredients available easily at home in your kitchen. You can well know the effects of each of the ingredients and their usage.

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Face masks: Great skin savers, face masks and Their Benefits: Face masks are the one of most important and most enjoying part of various beauty treatments for times unknown. Face masks are pastes to be applied on skin to give it a lift. With application of face mask, estee skin gets nourishment externally. Face masks makes the skin young, fresh and radiant. When you apply face mask, there is increase in blood circulation in your skin cells. Skin bears wear and tear due to many environmental factors like weather, wind, heat, cold, sun exposure and pollutants. There are number of ingredients in a face mask which are blended well to make a paste. These ingredients contain essential nutrients needed by the skin as skin keeps loosing its vital elements due to free radicals in atmosphere. Facemask improves the texture and complexion of skin.

Recommended face masks
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