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Thanks to our main detox organs (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin our bodies are naturally set to detoxify as part of our daily bodily function. . However, toxins build up in our cells over time through environmental pollutants in the air we breathe, the not-so-healthy choices we make when it comes to food and drinks, and the stress we put our bodies under on a daily basis. As we are transitioning to a new season, its important to take time to reset our bodies and minds. . This 7 day gentle cleanse helps you boost your immunity and get ready for flu season. You will feel and think better after a cleanse, your skin will glow, and you will even lose a bit of weight. I thomas believe that cleansing through the food you eat. Great way to give your body a full tune-up and support its natural self-cleansing system.

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The final stage involves 15 minutes foot massage designed to stimulate the internal organs to increase the immune system. Price : 90 minutes 180 Current Price : 90 minutes 100 Immune booster Package 2 This package is highly recommended for sufferers of sinusitis. It begins with 30 minutes of sinus acupuncture designed to alleviate chronic sinus congestion. A 30 minute deep tissue massage with Qigong bio-energy massage on the ren Meridian designed to release tension caused by, and often attributed to low immunity. The final stage involves is an intense 30 minute sinus point Massage, during which toxins, (that overall stuffy feeling) are removed from the maxillary sinuses. Price : 90 minutes 180 Current Price : 90 minutes 100 sea salt and Brown Ginger Sugar Body Scrub This luxurious Body Scrub uses dead sea salt that will restore moisture to your skin for a smooth, soft surface.   The special scrub has different crystal sizes: to take away dry and dead skin, refine and polish the skin for a healthy glow as well as help to improve circulation and remove accumulated residue and impurities. The scrub also contains luffa, jojoba, avocado, peach and sunflower oils.

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Energy work is accomplished by working the energy pathway of the body call sen lines (meridians). Working these lines help to balance the organs functions and energetic pathways of the body. Thai massage incorporates stretching which is what makes it unique to other forms of massage. It also improves the immune system by increasing muscle and joint function, as well as blood and lymphatic flow throughout the body. Thai medicine has strong influence from traditional Indian medicine. Stretching is influenced by Indian yoga.

Therefore termed "the lazy man's yoga. The therapist requires the client to go through various yoga stretches. Here at Graceful Services, we have changed traditional Thai massage techniques by applying it to clients on tables instead of the floor. We request clients to wear loss clothing when they are having Thai massage. Price : 80 reviews for 60 minutes 120 for 90 minutes Back to top Body Treatments Immune booster Package 1 1 hour deep tissue massage with Qigong bio-energy massage on the ren Meridian designed to release tension caused by and to promote lymphatic Flow and, often. The next stage is an intense 15 minute sinus point Massage, during which toxins, (congestion and that overall stuffy feeling) are removed from the maxillary sinuses.

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Current Price : 180 for 60 minutes, congestion Massage, this specialized massage first begins working on the body's meridian points on the back and then moves around to the chest and face.   A blend of essential oils, including tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and camphor oil works on alleviating congestion and other cold symptoms. Price : 110 for 80 min. Current Price : 90 for 80 minutes, back to top, reflexology Stimulation of trigger points on the feet and hands will leave your body in harmony and leave you feeling invigorated. Price : 100 for 60 minutes Current Price : 80 for 60 minutes High heel Relief do you love to wear your heels but hate the pain and discomfort?

We offer a massage and reflexology for women who have pain from wearing high heel shoes. You will receive a 1hr massage that will concentrate on relieving pain from your calves, ankles, shin, and feet. Price : 100 for 60 minutes Current Price : 80 for 60 minutes Stretching take adhesions way from your joints by Chinese tuina technique and stretching. Price : 100 for 60 minutes with stretching and massage current Price : 80 for 60 minutes Sport massage (Pre and Post) Price : 100 for 60 minutes Current Price : 80 for 60 minutes Pre-natal Massage One of our most popular treatments is our. With the client lying on her side we use a unique technique to apply long strokes to the meridians most affected during pregnancy. Relieving stress and tension from the back, legs, and increasing blood flow leaving mommy and baby very happy. While receiving your massage we encourage the mother to place her hands on her belly letting the baby know she is getting a massage. Price : 90 for 60 minutes Current Price : 70 for 60 minutes Thai massage Thai massage, also known as "The lazy man's yoga is an ancient form of bodywork that was developed in Thailand centuries ago. Thai massage combines energy work, massage and stretching into one unique style of massage.

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Current Price : 80 for 60 minutes, four Hand Massage, two massage therapists manipulate the muscles of the body simultaneously; concentrating on the client's areas of intense pain (like the shoulders and lower back) while the other massages the rest of the body (arms, legs. This way, the entire body gets the attention it slechte deserves, plus special concentration where it's needed as quickly as possible. Price : 140 for 60 minutes. Current Price : 120 for 60 minutes. Couples Massage, enjoy some complex quality relaxation time with your loved one. Both of you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated while experiencing one of Graceful Services' award winning massages. Price : 180 (90 per person) for 60 minutes.

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High Tech Wreck package for only 120 for two hours! View Video, read msnbc review, swedish, deep Tissue, chinese tuina ziggo massage. Indulge in one of Graceful Services' award winning Graceful massages at the best prices in the city! Chinese tuina massage: 60 minutes. Swedish Massage: 60 minutes 60, deep Tissue massage: 60 minutes. Back to top, hot Stone massage, relax with this specialized massage that uses hot rocks to melt away stress and muscle tension. Placed on key meridian points on the back, these stones will help to increase energy and push out unwanted toxins. Price : 100 for 60 minutes.

Meridians are channels to the body. We open the channel to balance the energy nivea flow. They are Chinese techniques. The combination of the three massages really focuses on rebalancing the body for rejuvenation and re-energizing. 60 for 60 min. Treatment, cell Phone Clog Facial, this deep cleansing facial pays special attention to areas where bacteria accumulates and muscles are tensed due to phones being pressed against the skin. Indulge in both treatments with the.

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Massage with biotone clean result oil. Tech Thumb and Neck massage, this treatment is perfect for the worn out workaholic. . This treatment focuses on the neck, shoulders, upper back and hands using acupressure points to relieve inflammation in the joins and muscles. 80 for 60 min. Treatment, graceful Services Signature 2015. Our brand new first exclusive you will be experiencing are the 3 combined massages online - qigong, tech and Meridians. Qigong is an internal ancient Chinese practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

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